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The two clients with whom I have had the longest relationship are Hugh Dubberly and Phyllis Michaelides. I am grateful for the challenges and experiences that they have shared with me. Some of the companies they have worked for and projects we worked on are listed below. The links will take you to detail pages about specific projects.
AlliedSignal, Inc.
Information Systems Scorecard
Premier Business
Technical Excellence Scorecard
Apple Computer, Inc.
Desktop Media CD
Macintosh Family Showcase - 5 versions
System 7 Introduction Demo and CD
Deere & Company
Enterprise Support System
Precision Farming
Grinnell College
Construction photography and web tours
Hewlett-Packard Company
E-speak - New technology introduction
HyperPro, Inc.
Cause 88 Conference Video Messaging System
Cause 89 Conference Video Messaging System
Microsoft CD ROM Conference Video Messaging System
John Deere Waterloo Works
Common Procurement System
Enterprise Support System
Expense Reports
Gage Tracking
Product Event Record
Quality Planning Tracking
MedicaLogic, Inc.
98point6 - demo web site
Netscape Communications Corp.
Custom Netcenter
Netscape Netcenter 2.0
Partner Pavilion
Navigator 2.0 Announcement
A web application
Tools For Education
Reading Film
Hearing Music

First Page  Clients  Projects  Experience  Associates  Résumé

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