Dan Ferro
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A broad range of skills and experience are needed when building today's software. Here are some of the things that I bring to the table.
Photography and Visual Communication
American Showcase
Much of what we do in building software is visual. The prioritization of information is an important part of what makes an application usable. The foundation for my understanding of this visual language came from studies in photography and sculpture. Before starting my own photography business, I studied photography at UCSD and the Art Center College of Design. Here is an example of my work that appeared in American Showcase Photography Volume 7. More recent work can be seen on the Grinnell College projects page.

Image Collection
After building a number of CDs for Apple, I decided to make a photography CD on my own: the Image Collection for Color Separations. This experience took me through the entire process of CD design, development, production, and marketing. These images and other stock photos can be viewed and licensed online.

Fine Art Photography
While in London, England during the last half of 2001, I began a project of fine art photographs. The abstract digital images in the subtext series explore the balance of texture, color, and form in sections of advertising space being prepared for new posters in the Underground. This was the first series of nine.

Publishing free iBooks allows me to make this work available to a wide audience and to take advantage of display technology that adds a luminance which prints cannot equal. The first two series of nine are presented in "texture". Both series were in the Midwest Photographers Project at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Illinois. The remaining series are published in "texture2" and "texture3". All nine series can be seen on my website. iBookstore
Project Definition and Management
Expectation management is a big issue in any production. We need to know what is supposed to happen and when. Defining the problem is the first step, out of that comes the project definition. I get to help the client work through their problem to create an accurate project definition.

I see the main role of a project manager or producer is to help everyone to do their jobs efficiently and with all the support they need. This includes the client as well as creative and technical people. We're all in the project together trying to produce the best results possible within the defined specifications. My job is to keep the iterative process moving so we can learn and change as quickly as possible.

Music and Recording
The techniques of music composition are useful in the development of any structured project. A degree in Music from the University of California in San Diego provided part of my formal training in music. Singing in every choral group that I could find gave me a real-time education. Performance planning and execution skills can be directly applied to the production of any multimedia project.

Time spent as an apprentice recording engineer added technical understanding to my musical experience and skills. Understanding the limitations of a recording medium parallels understanding of the limitations of technology in all types of software production.

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