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The images available here are both scanned traditional film and original digital images. You can use any of these images in a single commercial project that requires color separations or online presentation for $75 each/use (see license agreement for details). No fee is required for non‑profit organizations.


Older images were shot on 35mm, 6x6cm, and 4x5in transparency film. Film was scanned on a drum scanner to provide the highest quality possible. Scans are 24-bit color files that range from 12 to 14 megabytes each.

Newer images are original digital files from various cameras. Technical details are available on individual image pages.

Full sized images will be available over the Internet when payment is received. See the Order page for instructions. If you are interested in more abstract images, my fine art work can be seen at danferro.com.

All images are copyrighted, © 1982 - Dan Ferro. All rights reserved worldwide.

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