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A web application
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The idea of making the power of the Internet available to everyone was in my head for two years before OpinionPower.com was built. The thought originally started as the desire to make database services available to the world. I wanted people to be able to put anything into a database so it would be available to everyone. This was too big of a leap for most users so I began thinking about a limited use of database services that could be used by as many people as possible.

Build a Survey
The greatest power of the Internet is not the ability of an individual to express oneself, but the eventual connection of all the inhabitants of the world. At no other time in history have we had the ability to communicate so freely. OpinionPower.com allows anyone to quantitatively study the opinions of many groups of people. Unlike broadcast media, this allows people to let their voices be heard collectively.

To do this, we built a web application that uses forms to create quick polls, surveys, and other forms. The publisher of a survey only has to write the questions and possible answers. We build and maintain the database, store the data, and present results online.

A survey that uses a pre-defined selection of answers can graphically display the results online at anytime. This is far more efficient than reading thousands of individual comments or email messages. This quantitative information can then be used to change businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and governments. This power is available to anyone with an email address and a web browser.

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