Dan Ferro
Hewlett-Packard Company
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New Technology Introduction

Developed under the code name Fremont, this project is a new direction for Hewlett Packard. E-speak is the foundation technology for Hewlett Packard's move into the Internet space via e-services. It is now part of the HP Web Services Platform. This presentation and demonstration of live code was produced for industry analysts and press.

The presentation used business scenarios as examples of the kind of e-services that could be provided using e-speak. The screen to the left show the services provided by many different companies that were used by a two man team to quickly produce sportswear for athletic teams and franchises.

The live demos used four computers: an end user, an e-services broker, and two e-services providers. Providing services from other computers is not visually compelling or obvious. To show what was happening, we used event traps in the live code. At specific points, graphics would pop up to indicate the event that was taking place, such as the broker discovering e-service providers.

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