Dan Ferro
Ferro Enterprises™
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Ferro Enterprises™ is an umbrella name for all the different things I have undertaken over the years. Personally, I have had the privilege of working with some great people while maintaining the flexibility that comes from being on my own. The software projects we have worked on range from marketing department application demos to an enterprise support system for a multi-national corporation.

software creative direction & production

I work with people in technical and creative fields to produce a wide range of software. Primarily, I deal with user interaction and project management. We put a lot of work into defining the focus of a project. In production, my job is to balance the needs of the end user with the limitations of the medium in the areas of screen design and technical implementation.

A list of clients and details of some projects are on the following pages. Other relevant experience is on a separate page. There is a section about my current work in fine art digital photography. Also available online are stock photos taken from 1982 to the present.

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